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We project the game world by the real world.


User Strategy

While preparing a software, we plan the needs of the visitors/users for the program, how they can spend their time and how the software can contribute to the visitors by considering the target audience. We make a design and content plan according to who exactly the target audience is.

Garphic Design

Visual design is one of the most important components of your company, whether it is a mobile application or a mobile game. What is in your showcase is as important as how your showcase is. User-friendly software stands out with a good visual design.


As a company, we mostly work on mobile compatibility and application. Object and environment design with Blender, game design with unity and unreal engine, video games that gain dynamism with augmented reality.


Reaching the target with accurate readings for your business needs, flexible plans for the purpose as a result of analyzes and decisive practices shaped by feedback.


Our area of ​​expertise is real-world interactive games that are suitable for user experience, have high performance, work with a new generation infrastructure, and can be integrated with all devices.

Game Development

Android ve IOS 3D mobile game development


About Us

The software industry, which can fit the whole life into devices as much as the palm of our hand, is ready to create new worlds in the future with virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. In addition, Compass Bilişim ve Yazılım has determined to be the closest follower and producer of technological development as its basic motto. With its expert team and international connections, our company will be in a good place in the sector in game and software projects.

Compass Bilişim ve Yazılım, which is open to all innovations and ideas aiming at research and development for a good future, will try to transfer all its knowledge to its business with a vision that does not hesitate to try the new and has sufficient determination to develop.



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